About Us

Mountain View Green Retreat has a rich history of serving guests and wayfarers.  Built in 1890, it has served as an Inn, as a restaurant, and as a boutique shop among its many faces.  It is a lovely building with amazing gardens and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and sunsets.  The rooms of the Inn are named after the many people who have owned the Inn or had a significant part in its history.  Today, the Inn has been recently purchased and renovated by Wendy Roberts and her husband Michael Dillon.  This new face on a historic site is intended to create a comfortable, relaxing environment, where guests can come stay and rejuvenate.  The Mountain View Green Retreat also offers guests additional spa and holistic services to help with their unwinding. Otherwise guests can simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere.  No matter what your preference, Mountain View Green Retreat will help you rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.


67 Litchfield Road, Norfolk CT 06058

phone: (860)542-7941

email: proprietor@mountainviewgreenretreat.com

check in: 3pm

check out: 12pm