Rooms and Rates

Room Bed SizePrivate BathAdditional Features 
Wildwood Room1 FullYes - Seperate
Erastus Room 1 QueenYes - AttachedChaise Lounge Relaxing Area
Adriance Room1 Queen plus 1 roll away bed if neededYes - AttachedCouch and Sitting Area
Jenny's Room1 Queen plus 2 TwinsYes - AttachedSpacious Enclosed Patio Sitting Area
Clara's Room1 KingYes - AttachedChaise Lounge Relaxing Area
Felix's Room1 King plus 1 Double if neededYes - AttachedCouch and Sitting Area
Angelic Suite1 FullYes - SeperateSitting area and writing desk; sink in room.
Heavenly Bliss Suite1 QueenYes - AttachedNewly Renovated!
Mrs Mead's Room1 QueenYes - AttachedWriting Desk